Creativity, craftsmanship, and technology.


New Century Signs’ creative force is our design department, which works outside the box when it comes to creative and original signage solutions. We turn your vision into a concept, and a concept into a detailed design that becomes reality. Our design is objective driven and is based on what we learn from our discussions with you throughout the consultation process. Our tried and true design process keeps all parties on the same page in terms of design layout, look and feel, and the finished product.

From Concept to Completion.



We will work with you to select the right materials – do you want a cedar sign, or a laminate that looks like cedar? New Century Signs’ designer will work with you to develop design concepts that meet your vision, your needs and your budget.



We will present three concepts for client review. The concept selected will be revised, tightened and polished. Once that concept design is approved, the design become more detailed and closer to reality.

Our design department uses the latest graphic utilities to take your project from the idea stage through furnished renderings of the signage super imposed on its intended location. You will see your sign and exactly how it will look in context to your building or site. This ensures that there will be no surprises during installation. Our expert renderings let you know exactly what you are getting. We will also determine the material that would be suit your sign, the nature of your business and your site.


Detailed Design

At this stage, our design department will polish the concept, and inspect each nut, bolt, screw and anchor for your signage supports and mounting/installation materials  We will provide you with shop drawings that we build from, as well as stamped engineering drawings that will guide us easily throughout the fabrication and installation processes.



Creativity, craftsmanship, and technology.


Upon approval of all sketches and material samples we proceed to the fabrication of your sign. Files can be obtained from New Century Signs if needed. Progress is updated once a week in a production meeting and every afternoon with the production foremen.

Located at 41 Weaver Lake Drive, in Halifax, Century Signs is housed in a large, technologically advanced manufacturing plant that provides our customers with the best mix of experience, skill precision craftsmanship and the latest technology. There is no outside sourcing, as we have all the equipment necessary to produce all of our signage products in-house. Our expertise, combined with our state-of the art equipment, allows us to print, carve, cut, paint, wire and weld any kind of sign you can possibly imagine. This gives us complete control over providing you with the highest quality product and a timely delivery.

Some of our plant features include:

  • A 6800 Square foot facility, with 20’ height

  • A fully CSA Electrical certified team

  • CNC Metal cutting and routing

  • Custom Metal Fabrication

  • Custom electrical lighting systems using LED, HID, and fluorescent

  • Matthews Paint System and spray booth

  • Direct-to-Substrate printer


In our design and vinyl graphics department we use:

  • Summa 24” and 60” computer aided vinyl graphics cutters

  • Epson, True Solvent 60” digital printer with Laminator

  • AXYZ Automation 10 HP CNC router with 5’x8’ vacuum bed